March 25

Their Adult Realization Is Coming

Their Adult Realization Is Coming

Editor’s note: This was untitled but it deals with how children can be estranged by a parent by many things. Eventually though, children become adults and question everything they were told. And many come to find out the truth. Until then…

I put my love into photographs, slowly pictures replaced people in my heart. I often stifled panic, fearing that I would not recognize their voices if they were to finally call.  For them, our shared memories are bastardized by propaganda, denuded of value, poisoned over time.  I feel as if I sit quietly in an anteroom waiting for death to find me.  Waiting for all the hurt to become too much to bear.  But I am left wondering how much hurt that will be… how long will it take?  How much more will I have to endure?  More importantly, how much will my girls have to endure?

The truth, is it too dangerous for them to see the truth?  Would it spell disaster in their existence?  Or would they bravely come to see that truth?  My girls are the real victims.  How would my poor girls reconcile the truth with their reality?  Would they be able to?  They would have to have a fortitude of epic proportions.

Would it be better just to seep into the background and not ask for such truths to be rendered?  Would it be better for them to just live out their lives in ignorance?  Their father certainly Hope’s they never see the ugly truth of what he is capable of.. the girls would be left feeling like innocent lambs succored by the very devil himself. And the betrayal would burn for all eternity I fear.

I am so sorry MacKay and Piper… sorry for what he did to us.  It is all a lie.. that which he has fed you, and the paramour only swooped in to steal my children from me… she is a pox.  One day she will betray my girls the worst.. she will twist the knife like no other in my girls world.


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