A Song

A song

When the time is right,

in the night alone,

I will conquer this,

and bring you home.

When this world is dark,

and the night is long,

when the time is right,

I’ll sing you a song.

When you are weak

I will be strong

I will come find you

Through the throng.

When words fail,

There will still be a melody,

And the song you will hail,

With strength and clarity

A song for all the days

For us and the tides,

Reminiscent of our ways

And our hearts all in one place.

When my eyes are dim,

And time begins to unwind,

You will remember our song

And sing it to me in kind

For one day you will be left alone

With nothing but our song,

No mistakes to atone

And forever in my heart you’ll belong.

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer 2019

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer