Enter Twilight 

Enter Twilight       


Looking back on my life

I see all my mistakes run rife

Wake up another day but the pain won’t go away

What am I fighting, in my own peculiar way?


Enter the twilight

And rise into the light of dreamtime

Give me knights and dragons to smite

As I rise straight through the night and out of time


Into a light I pass

Another dream another chance

To succeed I must find my compass

Through the maze will I advance


I’m going to find my way in life 

Finally see things in black and white

Making everything all right

If I could just rise to the light


Because I know there is time

So I must exercise my dreamtime

Resolve demons as night hours chime

Sorting my life while supine  

– Charlotte Greer Slater      7.16.11

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer