March 25

Fittsy Valentine

On the internet they found romance,

That put both in a sexual trance, 

But each had a gripe, 

That it’s hard to type, 

With a hand stuck down in your pants. 


So they made plans to meet at the Rooster.

He bore flowers intended to impress,

The night ended up with creek water shooters.

And both in a state of undress.


Now words of love are often spoken

Between the man on the hill and the Southern Belle.

Their uncommon bond remains unbroken, 

And they can be found front porch sittin for a spell.


Now Marble Hill has seen its share of heartbreak,

But eventually by and by,

The partnership made for love’s sake, 

Might just give it one more try.


For my Fittsy,

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer

Valentine’s Day 2014

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Posted March 25, 2020 by Charlotte Von Woffle Greer in category "All of Charlotte's Poetry

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From Review: "Charlotte Von Woffle Greer is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Tormented, embattled, strong, fearless and fearful. Curious, and full of wonder yet jaded and defeated at times. An artist shares what they feel. A true and brave artist shares what they feel completely as Charlotte does, in these pages." -Erik Johnson