I Chose

I Chose

Today I chose it over the ocean

Over the trees, their fall leaves

A hawk perched high on a branch

Over the chandelier of sunlight broken

By a cathedral of trees

On azure waves: over sweet smelling flowers

Shaped like teacups and trumpets

Over my ivy garden where I once dreamt


Today I chose the steeper path

I stare defiantly at God’s wrath

I dare the world to encumber me

For I shall chose to shed its weight

And dwell with the stars and moon

Above the treetops

With the owls and night noise


Today I found a reservoir

I chose to find the font inside myself

I will lie down in crocuses

But rise again to the treetops

With owls and night noise

To lift me high

~Charlotte Greer Slater 3.10.09

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer