March 27

Out of Sorts

I feel out of sorts ~Charlotte Greer Slater  7.5.11

‘I feel out of sorts’

What a polite little phrase

For the unrest I feel at every port

For my loss at any phase


Acutely painful is this state of being

Brought forth from who knows where

As if there is a futility in the exercise of seeing

And I must ardently hold back the despair


For this state there is no solution

Only riding out the storm on the horizon

I would squelch it of my own volition

I would do it first for my children


I fear my own depths

I have met the deepest fathom before

It’s as if I cannot cease taking the steps

Down Escher’s staircase to see a little more


The biggest fear is being detected

Feeling like I have failed the ones I love

For I try to keep them protected

From depression’s ugly shove

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Posted March 27, 2020 by Charlotte Von Woffle Greer in category "All of Charlotte's Poetry

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From Review: "Charlotte Von Woffle Greer is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Tormented, embattled, strong, fearless and fearful. Curious, and full of wonder yet jaded and defeated at times. An artist shares what they feel. A true and brave artist shares what they feel completely as Charlotte does, in these pages." -Erik Johnson