Perilous Blue

She enters into it with faith renewed

Sometimes out of habit, heart without a clue

Faithfully, there’s only one constant true

Always with eyes of perilous blue


Her honesty disarms a man

And apparent fearlessness otherwise beguiles

Independent and stubborn

With eyes that flash of perilous blue


With creative Zeal that draws you in

Watch as she Revels in life’s Beauty and pain

Listen as she swears she do it all again

But something’s hidden under the perilous blue


Don’t box her in

Don’t tell her that you love her

Don’t think that she’s yours alone

Cos you’ll soon discover

Why those eyes are so perilous and blue


She doesn’t mean to wreck your world

Lower lip bitten in turmoil and fear

It’s just that she doesn’t know how to handle

The riches you freely offer unto herĀ 

Left sitting there as she Fades out of view

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer