A strange stillness resides in the eye of a horse, a composure that regards the world from a measured distance.  Reassuring that he holds you in his deepest regard unforced, an awareness of shared commonality lacking any hesitance.  Slow and steady breathing, big heart deftly beating. Thoughtful and complicated, a mind that tolerates little digression.  Sentient beast occupies the moment with you, intervals that seem so precious and few. He patiently waits for you to grasp his opinion, ready to reiterate an equine point of view.  Then it is your turn to confide in him, deliver all the unseemly truths. Whispered softly into the privacy curtain that is his mane without any reproof.

So step into his existence.  Absorb his wizened features. Dally in all-seeing eyes and admire his depth of vision.  To seek enlightenment communing with his great presence is panacea reserved for very few creatures.  To seek it is to find solace renewed.

~Charlotte Greer Slater


Charlotte von Wolfle Greer