March 25

Susan Auten Letter

Friendship can weather most things, and take root in the rockiest of soil.  You can pour out the contents of your heart to a good friend….chaff and grain together, secure in the knowledge that the greatest care will be taken in sifting it.  A real friend will keep what is worth saving and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away. This very act abolishes the darkness, and coaxes us to rise to the better person inside us all.

Once in a lifetime, we will come upon a friend who represents light itself.  Put there by God in our time of most desperate need. This friend will cast a light on all the fears, darkness and lack of faith.  They guide us back to the light as if heaven sent. Susan you are that light, a landed guardian angel. I cannot begin to express how you have impacted me and others who have come together today to enjoy time with you and another one of God’s gifts, horses.  

May you always feel the light, carry it with you, and share it with the world.  And maybe, just maybe, your friends can cast a light on your world one day when you need it most…. For you are one of the most kind and deserving of God’s sheep.

Bless you,

~Charlotte von Wolfle Greer


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Posted March 25, 2020 by Charlotte Von Woffle Greer in category "My Inspirations

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From Review: "Charlotte Von Woffle Greer is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Tormented, embattled, strong, fearless and fearful. Curious, and full of wonder yet jaded and defeated at times. An artist shares what they feel. A true and brave artist shares what they feel completely as Charlotte does, in these pages." -Erik Johnson