When light shattered across the floor

and briefly there was thunder between us, 

If your eyes had held water it would not have spilled

and when we peeled aside the dreams 

the skin underneath was still young. When all was black

you smoothed aside the words and said, 

It’s there, the light, when you want it it’ll be waiting for you –

and a certain peace came into your eyes,

That this was no different, 

that this was so different

yet every bit the same, 

and your hands stilled with satisfaction.

You did this without touch so that all around me your hands stood

shaped like shelters, all around me there was room

and after each moment the next was like a cavern

and around the corner and down the stairs

There lurked as always, light, as ever, light. 


~Charlotte 3.2009


Charlotte von Wolfle Greer